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Architecture and jewelry design

We present our studio-workshop SYL, full of ideas and emotions, where architecture, design and jewelry come together to create high quality, versatile and customizable jewels.

At SYL Jewels, we want the making of the jewel to be an experience for you. You can participate in the process of creation or later customization of the pieces, making them different from the rest and adjust them the way it best suits you. It is you who decide how you want your jewelry; we put the tools and the technology to make it possible.


Our inspiration? The world of architecture, symmetry, clean lines, contrast, textures or reflection of light. All these concepts apply to our creative method to achieve unique, timeless and distinctive style SYL jewelry.

In addition, our jewels are transformable, ie, you can wear them in different ways, you can add or remove parts and change its shape. Under the concept "one jewel, different situations" we give the possibility to adapt your rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets to different looks: An elegant day, another more casual, more romantic, etc.